PP21 Felling head

Professional logging requires know-how, efficiency and the best equipment. Propac felling heads are designed for hard workers. Reliable, durable, efficient and easy to operate. Once you get in the field, you don’t want to waste any time. This is why you want a Propac felling head.

The PP21 is the favorite of most harvesters as it’s the perfect compromise between high capacity and lightweight equipment. It’s made to handle almost any job with low operation cost.


Overall height 120"
Overall width 64"
Overall depth 70"
Weight 7 125 lbs *
Net cutting capacity 21.5"
Throath opening 39"
Saw disc diameter 53"
Saw disc kerf 2"
Number of teeth 22
Saw disc type one piece
Saw motor Rexroth 160cc
Accumulation capacity 4,36 sqft
Butt plate type Bolted
Number of support bolts 8 ( Ø1" grade 8 )
Butt plate material & thickness AR-400 / 3/4"
Grab arm configuration Arm up
Grab arm cylinders Ø 3 1/4"
Head rotation 350°